Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

Letter to Participants

Dear Participant:

We are pleased to provide this updated Summary Plan Description of the Northern California Electrical Workers Pension Plan, which we refer to herein as this "booklet." The Plan covers members of IBEW Local 6 who work in Covered Employment under a collective bargaining agreement that requires employer contributions to the Plan. The Plan is designed to provide you a significant retirement benefit once you have retired from active work.

This booklet summarizes and highlights the Plan's key terms and features. The formal text of the Plan is contained in the Plan document, which controls eligibility, benefit payments, participation, administration and other aspects of your pension. Any ambiguity or conflict between this booklet and the Plan will be governed by the Plan's terms, not this booklet.

The Plan was established effective June 1, 1961, and has been amended and restated several times since. The most recent restatement was effective January 1, 2008, and was approved by the Internal Revenue Service by a determination letter dated October 22, 2015. This booklet considers all Plan amendments adopted through December 31, 2023, and supersedes any previous version that you may have. Material Plan amendments adopted after this date will be explained to you in a summary of material modifications (SMM) which will be issued shortly after the amendment's adoption.

Separate from the Plan document, a separate Trust Agreement has been entered into between IBEW Local 6 and the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association setting forth the duties of the Trustees, among other provisions.

Because your pension is important to your and your family's financial future, please refer to this booklet, and any SMMs issued after December 31, 2023, that modifies it, whenever you have any questions about your pension. If you are married, you may want to discuss this booklet's contents with your spouse. If you need a replacement of this booklet, or if you have any questions about the Plan, contact the Plan Office.

Board of Trustees