Retirement Savings Plan Forms

Complete & Print Forms - You can complete most of the forms listed below right on your computer before you print. Simply click on a field in the form and type in the appropriate information. Then print the completed form, sign and mail it to the Plan Office. These printable forms are in PDF format. To read and print them, you need the free Adobe Reader (which is probably already installed in your system). Click here if you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your system.


Legally Required


  • Notice of Changes 2019 – Two changes to the Plan have been made effective January 1, 2019. The first change makes it easier to obtain larger hardship distributions from your account, and the second change increases the number of annual non-hardship single sum distributions you make take from the Plan.
  • Loan Policy – This loan policy ("Policy") is maintained under Section 9.6 of the San Francisco Electrical Workers Retirement Savings Plan ("Plan"), effective for loans issued after December 31, 2017.
  • Explanation to Participant of Qualified Pre-Retirement Survivor Annuity – Information on the Qualified Pre-Retirement Survivor Annuity (QPSA).
  • 2015 Participant Investment Direction Information – Whether you will have adequate savings at retirement will depend in significant part on how much you choose to save and how you invest your savings. This document provides you information that will help you compare the investment options available to you under the SFEW Retirement Savings Plan.
  • 2015 Participant Fee Disclosure Notice – This Participant Disclosure Notice is being provided as required by federal law to those who are eligible to participate or have a balance in the San Francisco Electrical Workers Retirement Savings Plan (the "Plan") and have the right to direct investments.
  • Adoption of a Hardship Withdrawal Provision – Effective September 1, 2009, a hardship withdrawal provision was to the SFEW Retirement Savings Plan. This notice details the changes that resulted from this provision.
  • Hardship Rules – As of September 1, 2009, The SFEW Retirement Savings Plan allows Participants to request and receive a hardship withdrawal if certain requirements are met. This document explains the Plan's hardship withdrawal rules.
  • Diversion of the $3.04 Per Hour Retirement Savings Plan Contribution to the Defined Benefit Plan Effective 1/1/2010 – The bargaining parties to the IBEW Local 6/SFECA Inside Agreement agreed to divert the $3.04 hourly contribution from the SFEW Retirement Savings Plan to the NCEW Pension Plan effective January 1, 2010, and to temporarily reduce future benefit accruals if necessary to avoid causing the Plan to enter "critical" status. This notice explains the reasons for and details of this decision.
  • Profit Sharing/401(k) Plan (formerly Money Purchase Plan) - New Recordkeeping Services – Effective January 2007, some important enhancements were made by the Northern California Electrical Workers Money Purchase Pension Plan (the "Plan"). You should read this letter if contributions made by your employer are currently being invested in the Trustee-Directed Money Purchase Pension Plan.
  • Investment Education Workshop – This workshop is designed to give you the necessary information and tools to manage your own investments. It will help you to understand of the various asset classes available, the risk/return expectations of each, the nature of market volatility, and the design of an asset allocation appropriate to your individual circumstances and risk tolerance.
  • Notice of Changes to Recordkeeping Procedures Enhancing Services to Plan Participants – This letter is to announce that the Northern California Electrical Workers Money Purchase Pension Plan (the "Plan") will be making some important enhancements, effective January 2007. You would have received this letter because contributions made by your employer were being invested in the Trustee-Directed Money Purchase Pension Plan.


  • Procedures for Administering Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) – Pursuant to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, as amended ("ERISA"), the Board of Trustees of the Northern California Electrical Workers ("NCEW") Pension Trust adopts these procedures for administering domestic relations orders which affect the pension benefits of Participants in the NCEW Pension Plan and/or the NCEW Retirement Savings Plan (Profit Sharing Plan).
  • Sample QDRO – This sample order is intended to assist attorneys in preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). The language in this sample order is currently acceptable to the Plans as meeting the requirements of a QDRO, although the language has not been challenged in court nor has a court definitively stated that the language meets ERISA's minimum standards for a QDRO.