Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

3.1 Eligibility and Commencement of Participation

If you are an Employee, you commence participation, and thus become a "Participant," on the first day of the Plan Year that begins after the first 12 consecutive month period during which you earn 300 hours of Pension Credit or 500 hours of Credited Service. An "Employee" is an employee of an Employer who is performing work under a collective bargaining agreement with IBEW Local 6 ("Collective Bargaining Agreement"), or an Alumni Employee. An "Employer" is an employer required by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or a Subscription Agreement, to make contributions to the Plan. "Subscription Agreements" are separate written agreements allowing Employers to fund the Plan for certain employees of IBEW Local 6 and the San Francisco Electrical Workers Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee ("JATC"), and Alumni Employees. "Alumni Employees" are former bargaining unit employees performing services for IBEW Local 6, the JATC or an Employer, under a Subscription Agreement, that meet certain requirements under IRS regulations.

The "Plan Year" is the calendar year.

Upon commencing participation, you will be asked to complete a form (available at the IBEW Local 6 office or the Plan Office) stating your address, social security number, beneficiary designation, birth date and other information necessary for the proper administration of the Plan. You must keep the Plan Office informed if you change your address so the Plan may communicate with you concerning Plan changes and required notices.