Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

5.2 Pension Credit

The first step in determining your Accrued Benefit is determining your Pension Credit. Pension Credit is equal to your hours of Covered Employment under an Inside Wiremen Agreement and certain Military Service, but only to the extent these hours have not been canceled by a Permanent Break-in-Service.

Past and Future Service. Plan describes Past Service generally as work hours of the kind currently covered by a CBA, but that were performed before June 1, 1961, and describes Future Service as work hours performed under the CBA after that date. Since all members who accrued Past Service have retired, this booklet does not further discuss Past vs. Future Service, and instead just refers to your hours of Covered Employment. If you are a current retiree with Past Service, and you have questions about it, contact the Plan Office for a separate explanation of the Past Service rules.

Military Service. Under the Uniformed Service Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), Pension Credit includes service in the U.S. Armed Forces (and certain other U.S. uniformed services), provided you comply with USERRA's requirements, the Plan and rules established by the Board. The Plan provides Pension Credit only for uniformed service protected under USERRA upon a return to Covered Employment. If you die while performing qualified military service, your beneficiaries are entitled to any additional benefits (other than benefit accruals relating to your qualified military service) that would have been provided under the Plan had you resumed and then terminated Covered Employment on account of death. The Plan Office requires documentation of dates and completion of service, which may include Form DD-214 (separation papers), a copy of endorsed orders, or a letter from your commanding officer specifying the dates and character of service. Generally, you will receive Pension Credit for USERRA military service if you are honorably discharged and return to civilian employment with an Employer (i) within one day following completion of less than 30 days of service, (ii) within 14 days following completion of more than 30 days, but less than 90 days, of service, or (iii) within 90 days following completion of more than 90 days of service. In determining your Pension Credit, the Plan will calculate your hours of Covered Employment during the 12-month period in which the highest number of hours were reported during the 24-month period immediately preceding the date you commenced USERRA military service or, if greater, by using the Plan Year in which you entered the uniformed services. Pension Credit will be awarded for no more than 5 years of uniformed service (with certain exceptions), and will not be credited until you satisfy the return to Covered Employment requirement.

Service for Other Entities. Pension Credit also includes work hours requiring Employer Contributions under (i) Collective Bargaining Agreements with the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Housing Authority, and (ii) Subscription Agreements for Alumni Employees.

Credit for Long-Term Disability. f you collect long-term disability benefits under the SFEW Health & Welfare Plan, that plan will contribute $31.25 per month (or the appropriate prorated amount for disability periods of less than one month) on your behalf. For each dollar contributed, you will receive four hours of Pension Credit (or an appropriate prorated amount). This is equivalent to 125 hours for each full month, and 1,500 hours for each full year, of long-term disability contributions.

One full "Year of Pension Credit" is awarded for each 1,500 hours of Covered Employment, and 1/12th of a year awarded for each remaining 125 hours of Covered Employment. The total number of Years of Pension Credit is determined at the time of retirement by adding up all of the hours of service in Covered Employment and dividing by 1,500. Therefore, a Participant who earns more than 1,500 hours of Covered Employment in a year may earn greater than one year of Pension Credit in that year.