Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

5.4 Benefits Earned While on Long-Term Disability

If you become disabled while an Employee, and you are eligible to receive long-term disability (LTD) benefits under the SFEW Health and Welfare Plan, the Health and Welfare Plan will make a monthly contribution to the Plan of $31.25 (or a prorated amount for a partial month). For each dollar in contributions paid on your behalf while you are on LTD, you will be credited with 4 hours of Pension Credit. For example, if the Plan receives the full $31.25 for a particular month, you will be credited with 125 hours of Pension Credit for that month. This Pension Credit will not count as ordinary Pension Credit. Instead, it will be used to increase your Accrued Benefit up to a maximum of $6.50 annually ($0.54 per month), and will count toward vesting, avoiding a Break-in-Service, avoiding a Separation from Service, and eligibility under the Rule of 85 (see Section 8.4).