Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

6.1 Credited Service

Even though you may have an Accrued Benefit, until you are vested you are entitled to no benefits under the Plan. The first step in determining whether you are vested is to determine your Credited Service. "Credited Service" is the same as Pension Credit, plus any service you perform for your Employer for which no Plan contributions are required, and includes Military Service described in Section 5.2. Credited Service is used only to determine your vesting status and Breaks-in-Service, and is not used to determine your Accrued Benefit in Article 5. Beginning January 1, 1976, Credited Service includes Contiguous Non-Covered Employment and up to 501 hours of service that would have been earned but for pregnancy or the birth or adoption of your child, or caring for your child immediately following birth or adoption. "Contiguous Non- Covered Employment" describes hours earned (i) with an Employer in a job classification that did not require Plan contributions, and (ii) immediately before or immediately after earning hours in Covered Employment (that is, no break in employment between the non-Covered Employment hours and the Covered Employment hours).

Hours for Apprentices. Hours for first year apprentices count towards Credited Service but not for Pension Credit. After the first year, hours worked by apprentices count toward Credited Service and Pension Credit.