Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

7.2 Pop-Up Feature

The Plan allows a Participant to elect a pop-up feature to any joint and survivor annuity. Under the pop-up feature, if the survivor annuitant predeceases the Participant while receiving payments under a joint and survivor annuity of any percentage, the monthly payment will "pop up" to the larger payment that the Participant would have received under a single life annuity. The election of a pop-up feature will reduce the Participant's monthly pension payment to cover the cost of the pop-up benefit. If the pop-up feature is not elected, the Participant's monthly benefit will not be increased even if the spouse predeceases the Participant. If you commenced your pension before 1998 and elected the pop-up option, no pop-up will be provided unless your spouse or beneficiary predeceases you within five years of your pension start date.