Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

8.3 Delayed Normal Pension with Retroactive Effective Date

If you elect to delay the commencement of your Normal Pension until the date described in Section 8.2, you may elect it to begin as of the first day of any month that falls (i) on or after your Normal Retirement Age and (ii) before the beginning of the 180-day period that ends on the date that the Plan Office transmitted your election materials. Your monthly payment amount will be computed as if your pension had commenced on your retroactive pension start date, with a single sum makeup payment (including interest) paid to you for back months. Payment for any of those months in which you worked in the Electrical Industry that would have resulted in a suspended payment (see Article 11) will not be paid to you. Any portion of your Accrued Benefit that was earned during your retroactivity period (generally, non-suspended months in which you worked less than 40 hours, and suspended months in which you worked more than 40 hours) will not be taken into account until the first day of the year that begins after the year in which it was accrued.