Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

14.4 Disability Claims and Appeals

Decisions on disability claims and appeals have different time periods. If the Plan denies your application for a Disability Pension, the Plan will notify you of the denial within 45 days after the Plan's receipt of your application or claim. An extension of time not exceeding 30 days may be necessary due to matters beyond the Plan's control. If a decision cannot be rendered due to matters beyond the control of the Plan prior to the expiration of the 30-day extension, the period for making a determination may be extended for up to an additional 30 days, in which case notice will be sent to you prior to the expiration of the first 30-day extension.

The notice of extension will include in addition to the information set forth above, the standards on which entitlement to a benefit is based, the unresolved issues that prevent a decision on the claim, and the additional information needed to resolve those issues. You will be afforded at least 45 days to provide any specified information. The deadline for the Board to render its decision is tolled from the date on which the notification of the extension is sent to you until the date a response from you is received.

A denial notice of a disability claim will include the same information as that set forth above pertaining to non-disability claims.