Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

15.1 Amendment of Plan

The Board has the discretion to amend the Plan at any time. Moreover, if the Collective Bargaining Agreement is amended by the insertion or deletion of provisions relating to the Plan, the Board will amend the Plan to effectuate the intent of the amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, unless any such amendment conflicts with any applicable law or is actuarially unsound. An amendment may apply to all groups of Participants covered by the Plan or only to certain groups of Participants. Retroactive amendments may be made to the extent permissible under ERISA and other applicable law. Except as is permitted or required by applicable law, no amendment may divest any accrued benefits which have previously been vested or been approved.

No Plan amendment may conflict with ERISA or any other applicable law nor may any amendment be adopted which would render the Plan actuarially unsound. No amendment may decrease a Participant's Accrued Benefit, except as permitted under ERISA or other applicable law.