Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

16.2 Funding and Collective Bargaining Agreements

The Plan is a multiemployer defined benefit pension plan maintained in accordance with one or more collective bargaining agreements between IBEW Local 6 and the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association and between IBEW Local 6 and various Employers. The collective bargaining agreements provide for contributions by the Employers to the Plan's trust on an agreed-upon amount-per-hour basis. There are no Employee contributions.

The Plan Office will provide a Participant or beneficiary, upon written request, with information as to whether a particular Employer for whom the Participant is employed is contributing to the Plan with respect to the work of the Participants in the Plan and, if the Employer is a contributor, the Employer's address.

You may obtain a complete list of contributing Employers and their addresses and a copy of your collective bargaining agreement upon written request to the Plan Office. The Plan may charge you $.25 per page to provide these documents, which must be paid in advance. You may also review these documents in the Plan Office without charge after making appropriate advance arrangements.

Assets of the Plan are held in trust, and benefits are funded through the trust. Plan assets are held by a bank, which are invested as directed by the Plan's investment managers.