Retirement Savings Plan Summary Plan Description

4.4 Working Under Another Collective Bargaining Agreement

If you work under a collective bargaining agreement in another IBEW local jurisdiction, your employer's contributions to a defined contribution plan under that agreement will be made on your behalf to that local union's fund. If (i) that local union's fund is signatory to the Electrical Industry Reciprocal Agreement, (ii) IBEW Local 6's fund is your "Home Fund," and (iii) you execute a transfer authorization via the Electrical Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS), then the contributions that are reported to the other fund will be transferred to this Plan and calculated as if you had worked in Local 6's jurisdiction.

Employee contributions elected under the Local 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement will not be effective with respect to your wages earned while working in another jurisdiction unless you are working pursuant to the IBEW/NECA Employee Portability Agreement.