Retirement Savings Plan Summary Plan Description

6.10 Applying for Benefits

To request a distribution, ask the Plan Office for a distribution package up to 180 days before your preferred distribution date. The package will contain information regarding your distribution, explain your options, identify the information you will need to submit, and will include a form to complete and send back to the Plan Office. Applications may be obtained from EISB at 720 Market Street, Ste. 700, San Francisco, California 94102. Retirement forms are also available on the website. Upon request, the Plan Office will provide you a written explanation of the joint and survivor annuity as well as the Plan's other benefit options that are available no earlier than 30 days (or 7 days, if you waive the 30-day rule), nor later than 180 days before benefits are to begin. Until distributions actually commence, you may revoke any benefit election that you have submitted to the Plan Office subject to the spousal consent rules.