Health and Welfare Summary Plan Description

3.5 Reciprocity

  1. General Rules. To maintain your Hour Bank balance (and therefore qualify for coverage under the Plan), you may apply to have contributions that have been made to another IBEW-NECA sponsored health and welfare plan on your hours worked (the "Participating Fund") transferred to this Plan and treated as Covered Employment in accordance with procedures set forth in the Reciprocal Agreement. Your application must designate this Plan as your "Home Plan," and you must (i) register on the Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System ("ERTS"), (ii) present a valid photo identification at the Plan Office, the Participating Fund or an assisting IBEW local union, (iii) agree to be bound by your electronic signature on ERTS and (iv) agree to the transfers in such manner as the Reciprocal Agreement and the Plan may require. The effective date of the transfer is the first day of the month in which you have properly registered on ERTS and met the Home Plan eligibility requirements described in subsection (b). The Reciprocal Agreement provides that, upon approval of your application, contributions will be transferred to the Plan to the extent of the lesser of (i) the amount provided in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement or (ii) the amount provided in the current collective bargaining agreement of the Participating Fund. If the Collective Bargaining Agreement's contribution rate is greater than the rate in the Participating Fund's collective bargaining agreement, your credit will be adjusted under Section 3.1(b).

    Exception. You will receive full credit if you are working in another Participating Fund's jurisdiction under a portability agreement even if the contribution rate of the Participating Fund is lower than this Plan's contribution rate.

  2. Home Plan Designation. You may designate this Plan as your Home Plan if either (i) you are a member of Local 6 and have been eligible for benefits under this Plan at any time during the past six years or (ii) you are a member of another local union that is party to the Reciprocal Agreement and you (A) are currently eligible for benefits under this Plan, (B) have not been eligible for benefits under your local union's health and welfare plan at any time during the past six years and (C) establish your intent to return to work under Local 6's jurisdiction as soon as work is available.

  3. Terminating Reciprocity. Your approved application under subsection (a) will remain in effect until you execute and submit a cessation of the transfer as required by ERTS. Further information regarding this cessation procedure is available from the Plan Office.