Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

Limitation on Reliance on Booklet and Statements

This booklet provides a general summary of the Plan's rules, does not cover all Plan details, and is not meant to interpret or change Plan provisions. Only the Plan document, not this booklet, determines your pension rights. The Plan document is available for your review at the Plan Office upon written request.

You cannot rely on oral statements of Plan Office personnel, a Trustee, Employer, Union officer, or any other individual. Though the Plan Office may respond orally to questions, oral communications are not binding on the Plan and cannot be relied upon in a benefit dispute. If you would like an interpretation of a Plan provision, address your request in writing to the Board of Trustees at the Plan Office. To ensure that the Trustees' response is helpful to you, please furnish full and accurate information concerning your question. Although the Plan Office does its best to ensure the accuracy of its participant communications, occasionally mistakes occur. Should mistaken information be communicated to you, the Plan reserves the right to correct the mistake in a reasonable manner at any time, including retroactively.

The Plan Office does not provide tax or retirement advice. You should discuss with a tax or financial advisor the consequences of any withdrawal of funds or selection of a benefit option.