Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

If you are Approaching Retirement

Contact the Plan Office to Schedule an Appointment or Obtain Application Forms

Phone or write the Plan Office (415-263-3670) about four months before you intend to retire, to schedule an appointment with a Plan representative to review your retirement options and determine what documents you may need for timely processing of your pension application. The address of the Plan Office is: EISB, 720 Market Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94102. You must file an application with the Plan Office to obtain Plan benefits. As noted, you may want to file your application four or more months before your planned retirement date. That will give the Plan Office time to process your application and obtain all the necessary information. You should submit at least the following to the Plan Office with your application:

  • your intended retirement date
  • proof of your age (birth certificate) and that of your spouse if you are married
  • your social security number and, if married, your spouse's social security number
  • proof of marriage, if applicable (marriage certificate)
  • copy of any domestic relations order requiring pension payments to a former spouse (include copy of any divorce settlement)
  • military discharge papers, if applicable
  • wage and employment history information
  • if you seek a disability pension, proof of your Social Security disability award

The Plan Office will notify you when your application is approved.