Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

9.4 Amount of Disability Benefit

Your Disability Pension monthly benefit will be same monthly amount that would be payable to you if you were paid a Normal Pension beginning at Normal Retirement Age. You may elect to receive a Disability Pension in any form that would be available to you as a Normal Pension (see Section 7.1). However, the Plan applies special actuarial reduction factors for Participants retiring on a Disability Pension in the form of a joint and survivor annuity. These factors are available on request from the Plan Office. The factors are higher than the reduction factors used for non-disability pensions and thus may result in a lower initial benefit to a recipient of a Disability Pension. In some cases, Participants who also qualify for an Early Pension and who choose a joint and survivor annuity form of benefit may receive a higher monthly benefit under an Early Pension election. The Plan Office will provide a comparison when you file your application.