Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

9.3 Commencement and Duration of Disability Pension

A Disability Pension begins as of the later of (i) the first day of the month following the filing of an application for a Disability Pension or (ii) the first day of the sixth month of disability. A Disability Pension continues until the earliest to occur of (i) the date you cease to be totally and permanently disabled (whether or not you return to work), (ii) the month following the month in which you perform any service in the Electrical Industry that disqualifies you from receiving a Social Security disability benefit, (iii) your failure to cooperate with the Plan's requests for information or documentation of your disability and (iv) your death. When you attain Normal Retirement Age, your pension will convert to a Normal Pension regardless of your disability status. Any service in the Electrical Industry may cause you to be engaged in Prohibited Employment rules (absent an exception) regardless of the status of your Social Security disability pension.


File a claim for a Disability Pension with the Plan Office at the same time that you apply for your Social Security disability benefit to ensure that Plan benefits become payable as early as possible.

The Board may from time to time require you to submit proof of your continued total and permanent disability and may require that you submit to an independent medical examination by a physician or physicians designated by the Board to determine your continued eligibility for a Disability Pension. Your Disability Pension could terminate when your eligibility for continued Social Security permanent disability benefits terminate, unless you have independent proof of your continued disability acceptable to the Board.