Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

12.1 General Rules

If you work outside the geographic area of IBEW Local 6 under a collective bargaining agreement requiring contributions to a different IBEW defined benefit pension plan, the contributions you earn typically are credited to that plan. Similarly, if you are a traveler working temporarily within the jurisdiction of this Plan, the contributions you earn generally are credited to this Plan instead of to your home pension plan.

Dividing your pension service between two plans may result in you receiving a lower combined pension from both plans than you would have received from one plan. For example, if you work outside your normal area for only a few years, you may not work enough hours to vest under the plan in that area and may forfeit the benefits you had earned. Also, if some of your employment in the industry is not credited under this Plan, you are less likely to qualify for certain Plan benefits. To address these problems, the Plan is a party to the Electrical Industry Pension Reciprocal Agreement (the "Reciprocal Agreement"). Key provisions of the Reciprocal Agreement are summarized below, and a copy of the agreement is available upon written request of the Plan Office. The National Reciprocity Office is responsible for and handles any appeals, disputes or questions relating to the Reciprocal Agreement.