Pension Plan Summary Plan Description

13.8 Recovery of Overpayments

Participants and beneficiaries are entitled only to benefits described in the Plan document. If you receive a payment that you know, or should know, is not owed to you by the Plan, you must notify the Plan Office of the overpayment and arrange to repay the improper payments to the Plan. The Plan has the right to reduce or offset future benefits payable to you to recover the overpayment, unless other satisfactory arrangements are made. If you are responsible for the overpayment, perhaps by misrepresenting facts to the Plan Office, the Board may take any necessary and reasonable action to recover overpayments, including withholding up to 25% of your monthly pension payment until the overpayment (plus interest, attorney fees and costs) is repaid. The Plan may file a claim against your estate or any other person or entity if amounts are still owed at your death. Any amounts owed by a Participant to the Plan will be deducted from any death benefits that may be payable at the time of the Participant's death. However, if you are not responsible for the overpayment, then any withholding from your monthly payment is generally limited to 10% of the payment, you will not need to pay interest and fees, and recovery will not be made from benefits owed to your surviving spouse or other beneficiary.